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Search tips: Searching for healthy can be easy

By Cindy Schmidt If you have ever searched PubMed for the details of the range of a healthy human organ’s functions or some other aspect of normal human function, you have probably experienced some frustration.   Articles about unhealthy variations in function seen in diseased organs usually far outnumber articles about normal organ function. The good […]

Apr 23, 2018

Search tips: Searching for closely associated words

By Cindy Schmidt Perhaps you are interested in faculty surveys. Most relevant articles would contain the words faculty, professor, professors, instructor, instructors, teacher, or teachers — within one to four words of – survey, surveys, surveying, surveyed, questionnaire, or questionnaires Several of the literature databases licensed by the McGoogan Library allow the searcher to specify […]

Jan 29, 2018

Google Scholar Result Export to RefWorks, EndNote, Zotero, and others

If you use a citation manager like RefWorks, EndNote or Zotero; saving a Google Scholar search result in your citation manager’s database is as simple as clicking a link. Getting the needed links to appear in your search results takes a little bit of work, however. To get an “import” link to appear in each […]

Jan 2, 2018

Search tips: Finding articles written by nurses

By Alissa Fial There are times, for research purposes, you will need an article written by a nurse. For that, you can search CINAHL (Cumulative Index of Nursing and Allied Health Literature). Once you have established your search terms, review the Limit Your Results section. You may choose either the First Author is Nurse or […]

Nov 6, 2017

Harvest Google search results

By Cindy Schmidt Standard admission orders, clinical care checklists,  residency manuals, and other useful materials are often located by a Google search.  Saving all of the useful results with their corresponding hyperlinks can be a time-consuming activity. A simple add-on for the Chrome browser, linkKlipper can save you time! Give it a try: Use the […]

Aug 1, 2017

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