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Library announces new limitations on studying in groups

Based on recent enhanced campus guidelines, the McGoogan Health Sciences Library is implementing new limitations on studying in groups to further de-densify the library and keep everyone safe from COVID-19. Beginning Nov. 16: 

  • Only one student is allowed in medium-sized study rooms.  
  • Only one student is allowed per table in the open study areas.  
  • Students are required to wear masks in any open study area, but may take them off when studying alone in a study room.  
  • Students must use a study room when eating or drinking.  
  • Students are required to complete the 1-Check UNMC app before coming to campus. 

Despite clear campus guidelines, signage throughout the library and verbal reminders from library staff, we have noticed a decline in mask compliance. Without compliance, the library may need to close or start blocking access to individuals who are not compliant

It’s important for all students to have a quiet, safe study space. While the recent guidelines discourage students from coming to campus solely for the purpose of studying, we also recognize that not everyone has a home environment conducive to studying. We remain available to those who need appropriate study space. At the same time, we must ensure safe library conditions for all of our users, including our staff.  

As a medical campus, our mission is to develop future health care professionals, who have both a ‘duty to care’ and a responsibility for setting an example of good health care practices. We take that responsibility, and the safety of your health, seriously and we ask you to do the same. 

Please take a moment to re-examine the Fundamentals of Campus COVID Control and redouble your efforts to adhere to them. In so doing, you will help protect yourself, your loved ones and your community. You also will instill confidence in your patients and set an example for future health care providers.    

Emily McElroy,
Dean, McGoogan Health Sciences Library 

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