University of Nebraska Medical Center

How to Make Study Room Reservations

The 54 study rooms, located in the newly renovated library, can be reserved through the University of Nebraska Space Reservations and Events page.

There is a four-hour maximum time limit on reservations. A student is permitted to extend the reservation for a consecutive four-hour block if the space is available on the day of the reservation.

To learn how to use the new reservation system, view this PDF guide.


  1. George D Blankenau says:

    Can you add QR codes outside the rooms that link directly to the form required to reserve the room. There used to be QR codes before the library was remodeled, and it was a far more convenient way to reserve the rooms.

    1. Heather Brown says:

      I will forward your request and someone will be getting back with you. Thank you for the suggestion!

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