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PubMed Interface Updated

PubMed looks different today.

A new PubMed interface is now available and linked within our home page Quick Links Literature Databases section. This new interface will become the default in spring 2020 and will replace the legacy version. While some features will be refined in the future, the core of what you experience in the new PubMed interface will be like the legacy PubMed interface.

What mostly stayed the same?

  • the way results are presented,
  • year selection options, and
  • subject headings and linked resources within an article record.

What are the more noticeable changes?

  • the way you select filters and date ranges,
  • the organization of settings,
  • similar articles, citing articles, and references all appear under the record,
  • advanced search, and
  • the ability to set alerts or send search results from the front page.

If you want to use the legacy PubMed interface, you can access it through our home page Quick Links Literature Databases section. If you would like to learn tips and tricks for using the new PubMed interface, please feel free to reach out to a librarian via askus@unmc.edu.

A reminder that in order to access UNMC licensed journals, you will need to log in through the Quick Links.

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