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Looking for practice guidelines? Check out ECRI’s Guideline Trust

By Danielle Drummond

Created by the ECRI Institute, Guidelines Trust is a web-based repository for clinical practice guideline summaries. ECRI has a history of working with AHRQ’s discontinued National Guideline Clearinghouse (NGC) website. This new guideline resource includes:

  • Guideline Briefs: Summarizes content by providing key elements of the clinical practice guideline
  • TRUST (Transparency and Rigor Using Standards of Trustworthiness) Scorecards: This rates how well guidelines fulfill the Institute of Medicine Standards for Trustworthiness

All guidelines represented on the website are reviewed against ECRI’s Inclusion Criteria:

  1. Available in English, published within the last 5 years
  2. Recommendation statements providing guidance on patient care
  3. Developed by a medical specialty association, professional medical society, or relevant clinical guideline development organization
  4. Based on verifiable systematic review of evidence

Guidelines that meet all criteria are summarized into Guideline Briefs and appraised with TRUST Scorecards. For those guidelines that do not meet the systematic review criterion, but meet the other criteria, links are available to view the original guidelines hosted on a developer’s website.

Guidelines Trust is a growing resource and guidelines are actively added to the repository. To search for guidelines, use keywords and guideline ID numbers. Results can be filtered down by publication year, organization, patient age, clinical area, intervention, and guidelines with and without Briefs/Scorecards.

ECRI Guideline Trust is freely available with the creation of an account.

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