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Get More Visibility for Your Conference Posters

You’ve presented a poster at a conference. It may or may not be on the conference website and may or may not be freely available. Since the conference, people around the world have found your abstract and would like to view the poster, but unfortunately it may not be available.  

Now is your chance to increase the visibility of your work and share it worldwide. The library can host your poster in UNMC’s institutional repository, DigitalCommons@UNMC. The repository is indexed in Google and Google Scholar, making your work easy to find. Additionally, you will receive monthly usage reports and can obtain more in-depth metrics in the Author Dashboard. 

“DigitalCommons provides an excellent opportunity to gain more exposure for our academic work. The research in the field of Medical Imaging & Therapeutic Sciences is somewhat limited. With the help of DigitalCommons, we can reach a wider audience and share what we are doing here at UNMC with not only our colleagues, but students (both current & potential), university partners & funding agencies. We would encourage all faculty to consider adding their work to the DigitalCommons” – Tanya Custer MS, R.T.(R)(T), Assistant Professor, Distance Education Coordinator Medical Imaging & Therapeutic Sciences. 

Some questions we’ve received about placing conference posters in DigitalCommons:

What if I plan on writing an article based on the poster? Posters are generally not perceived as prior publication, though embargoes are available within our system. 

Does the conference have copyright over my poster? Most conferences do not require a copyright transfer. The poster remains under your copyright. However, some conferences may hold the right of first publication and thus the poster cannot be deposited in the repository. The library can help you investigate these issues. 

How can this be a part of my workflow?
Once you’ve completed your poster and are ready to have it printed or to upload on to your conference’s harvester, submit to DigitalCommons through this form. We will post it after the conference date unless you specify otherwise.  

To learn more about submitting your poster, please email us at digitalcommons@unmc.edu.

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