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Student Author Open Access Drawing

Attention student authors! The McGoogan Library of Medicine is pleased to announce publication support for student research. The winner of our Student Author Open Access Drawing will receive funds to cover author publication charges (up to $3000) for one open access journal article. These funds will be made available for one UNMC student to support dissemination of their research in an Open Access journal or a hybrid journal.   


  • The drawing is open to UNMC students who are enrolled in any UNMC program during all or part of the time from October 22 to December 3, 2018.  
  • Students who have faculty appointments are not eligible. 
  • Journals may be fully open access for hybrid/partial open access.  
  • Papers must be 1) Ready for submission to this journal today, or 2) In the peer review process with this journal, or 3) Accepted to this journal and able to be processed as an open access article.  
  • The student author(s) must be able to claim sole authorship. Jointly-authored student papers are acceptable. In the case of a jointly-authored paper, all students must meet eligibility requirements and one prize will be awarded.  
  • It is expected that student authors will collaborate with others, including faculty members. Such assistance must not be sufficiently extensive for the faculty member to merit authorship on the paper.   
  • Submissions must include an abstract which follows ICJME recommendations.  
  • Submissions may not have been previously published or submitted for publication.  
  • Submissions will be judged based upon completeness of the entry and reason for pursuing open access.  

How to Apply  

Submit your entry between October 22 and December 3 at http://unmc.libwizard.com/OAweek. 

The 2018 winner will be contacted and their name will be announced on the library blog by approximately December 7, 2018.  

One submission is allowed per paper.   

All submissions will be used solely for the purpose of selecting a winner of the drawing.  

Questions? Contact Emily Glenn (emily.glenn@unmc.edu) or Heather Brown (hlbrown@unmc.edu ).  

For more information:  

Conditions of Funding  

Funds may be used for open access publishing and processing fees, including open access page charges. Funds are not available for reprints, color illustration fees, non-OA page charges, permissions fees, web hosting for self-archiving, or other expenses not directly related to open access fees.   

  • Authors may not submit open access articles accepted by publishers who institute embargo periods.  
  • The funding limit is $3,000.  

Author Responsibilities  

  • Once the funding request is approved, the author should notify the library when the article is published or if the author withdraws it from consideration in that journal.  
  • Authors will be required to submit a scanned copy of the publication agreement.  
  • Authors must provide a copy of the publisher’s original invoice. Payment will issued to the publisher through the library’s business office.  
  • Authors must also provide a full bibliographic citation plus a copy of the funded article for deposit in UNMC’s Digital Commons


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