University of Nebraska Medical Center

Use Research Nebraska to Find an Expert

By Emily Glenn

Did you know that UNMC maintains collection of researcher profiles and research outputs? Research Nebraska, curated by the Office of Vice Chancellor for Research, is a one-stop portal to find experts at UNMC. The portal is searchable by researcher name, unit or department, output and publications, projects, and more. Profiles of researchers from UNL, UNO, UNK, and Boys Town National Research Hospital are also included.

Research Nebraska is a front door to find information about research topics at UNMC. The search tools let you start anywhere: with a keyword, a name, or a general subject appearing in any searchable field. From there, you can browse a set of profiles and see how strongly they match your search criteria.

In addition to topic searches, you can use Research Nebraska to locate colleagues and become familiar with their work. Two “at a glance” features make it easy to answer the questions of “What does this person know about?” and “Who does this person know or collaborate with?” The “fingerprint” feature provides a visual guide to subject areas represented in a researcher’s publications. The more solid-colored the fingerprint ring, the more prevalent the subject appears in that person’s works. The researcher network provides a constellation of collaborators. Lines connect coauthors; shaded icons represent frequent co-authorship.

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