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Search tips: Searching for healthy can be easy

By Cindy Schmidt

If you have ever searched PubMed for the details of the range of a healthy human organ’s functions or some other aspect of normal human function, you have probably experienced some frustration.   Articles about unhealthy variations in function seen in diseased organs usually far outnumber articles about normal organ function.

The good news is that EMBASE, one of the literature databases licensed by McGoogan Library, indexes the “normal human” concept making searches for “normal” easy.  Give it a try:

Go to the Library’s homepage http://www.unmc.edu/library

Click on the “Literature Databases” button (right side of the page).

Click the “EMBASE” link.

Click on the “EMTREE” link.

Search for – health human – or – normal human.

Click on the heading that appears.

When the heading’s tree appears, look to the right to find and click the “Take this query to Advanced Search” button.

Add your additional search terms to the query and hit the “Search” button.


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