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Requesting Feedback on Study Room Reservations

The McGoogan Library of Medicine is recruiting participants in order to understand their experience with the D!BS, the Study Room Reservation System.  

We are interested in: assessing users’ experience with the D!Bs system, including satisfaction, what users like about the system and likelihood of recommending the system to others. We estimate that the survey will take about 10-15 minutes. All data collected will be kept in a secure location. We do not anticipate any risks to you in this study. You may withdraw from participation in this research study at any time. 

 We appreciate your time and consideration to participate in this research.  Please feel free to contact Alissa Fial (alissa.fial@unmc.edu) with any questions. 

 Link to the survey: http://unmc.libwizard.com/D-BS

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