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Laura Bashus
Business Operations Administrator
Library Administration

Tell us about your job in the library.

I’m the Business Operations Administrator in McGoogan Library. I prepare financial and other business reports, tackle space-related issues, participate in library workflow reviews, and serve on various library committees.

When would you most likely meet or talk with me?

A person would most likely meet or talk with me when they have questions on the library’s business operations or workflows. For example, when the library and another NU unit collaborate on a project, I provide consultation on how to accomplish the business aspect of the project.

What do you like about working in the library?

Working in the library has reminded me of the unique and critical role the library fills by making high-quality information resources accessible to faculty, staff, students, clinicians, patients, and other library patrons. The library makes it possible to sort through the vast amount of available information with confidence that we are working with the most appropriate, relevant and valuable material.

What do you like to do outside of work?

Outside of my work, I enjoy spending time with family, which includes two especially busy toddler grandchildren and one equally demanding grandpup.

My favorite relaxation endeavor is playing the piano. Interestingly, the piano seems to have quite the opposite effect when the toddlers are playing (banging) on it (haha), but it’s still music to my ears.


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