University of Nebraska Medical Center

Resource Spotlight: Clinical Pharmacology

By Alison Bobal

Clinical Pharmacology provides a single resource to answer medication questions. The content is updated regularly to include newly released drug products and breaking developments. This resource includes:

  • Monographs – Get concise, accurate, clinically-relevant information on all U.S. prescription drugs, plus hard-to-find coverage of herbal, nutritional and OTC products, new and investigational drugs.
  • Reports – Helps you evaluate and choose appropriate medications.
  • Drug Product Information – Provides extensive information on drug product attributes and physical descriptors. Full color product and package images as well as product storage information.
  • Patient Education – The handouts comply with all national standards for Consumer Medication Information (CMI).
  • Drug Identifier – This feature allows you to quickly and accurately identify unknown tablets and capsules. When the appearance of a drug changes, Clinical Pharmacology is able to search the drug’s new and previous appearances.
  • Searching – Allows you to search for and find drug information in multiple ways. Conduct an overall site search or search by indication, adverse reaction, classification, NDC or manufacturer.
  • Resource Center – Offers a collection of handy reference information, such as lab references, including pediatric ranges; pharmaceutical manufacturer/distributor contact information; links to drug class overviews; and links to add-on drug and disease information modules.


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