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Resource spotlight: Acland’s Video Atlas of Human Anatomy

By Alison Bobal

Acland’s Video Atlas includes over 300 narrated videos of real cadaver specimens that were not stiffened or discolored by embalming. The videos use rotating specimens that lets you see them as three-dimensional objects.

In each part of the body, the Video Atlas starts with structures that give you the foundation for your understanding. The bones are shown first, then joints and their movements, then the muscles, and then the blood vessels and nerves. This is the reverse of the order that is seen in dissection, where the foundation is not understood until the end.

The Video Atlas content can be searched by anatomical regions and parts. Run times are listed for each part. You can start, stop, and pause at any time while viewing a video, as well as jump to specific parts using the expanded table of contents. At the end of each region of the body, there is a brief review section which recaps the important structures for test preparation and knowledge reinforcement.

The Video Atlas platform also includes exams modules. You can use the exam feature two ways: the “review mode”, which does not limit the time per question and the correct answer is displayed after your response or the “exam mode”, which has a 60-second limit per question and the correct answers are provided upon exam completion. At the end of the “exam mode” you will be presented with a recommended viewing list based on your performance.

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