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McGoogan News is starting a new feature, faculty and staff profiles! Each month, you will meet someone new who works in the library.

Alison Bobal
Associate Professor
Head of Collection Development and Metadata

Tell us about your job in the library.

I oversee collection development and metadata services in the library. I negotiate agreements with publishers and vendors for electronic resources and coordinate their acquisition and implementation. I also identify books (print and online) to add to our collection. I track usage of our collection and monitor whether it’s meeting the needs of students and faculty. Fortunately I have wonderful colleagues who handle a lot of the essential, day-to-day acquisitions and cataloging work which makes my job easier and, more importantly, helps our users get the information they need in a timely fashion.

When would you most likely meet or talk with me?

The folks at the Ask Us desk are extremely knowledgeable about our collection so most of the time they can help you out. However, I’m available if you if you ever have any specific questions or feedback about the library’s collection (e.g. databases, journals, books) or wish to make suggestions of resources to add. I’m tucked away up on the 8th floor of the library so you may never meet me, but that doesn’t mean that I’m not here to help.

What do you like about working in the library?

I really like that most days aren’t the same (ok, sometimes that frustrating). I enjoy working with colleagues who are passionate about facilitating access to data and helping people find the information they need. I’ve been here for five months and it’s been great seeing how our library is working to position our services, resources and space for the future.

What do you like to do outside of work?

Currently, I’m trying to find ways to safely cross streets in Omaha.

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