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University of Nebraska Medical Center

October is National Medical Library Month

By Dawn Wilson

How do I appreciate my medical librarian?  Let me count the ways!

  • When I need a tutorial in RefWorks or PubMed
  • When I can’t spell ophthalmology, pseudophakia, Medical Librarians Monthor glomerulonephritis
  • When I need an article from another library
  • When I need The Ladies Dispensatory manuscript from 1652
  • When my off-campus access goes haywire
  • When I need a fax machine or a tour of the rare book rooms
  • When I need an archival thesis on the medical effects of nuclear bombs
  • When I’m ready to have my own thesis bound
  • When I need to know what is fair use copyright
  • When I need to find drug interactions and contraindications
  • When I want my open access paper included in the institutional repository
  • When my PowerPoint slides won’t print
  • When a family member needs consumer health information
  • When I need a USMLE review book or more information for the Match
  • When a 3-D model will help more than a flat page
  • When I need a literature search or a systematic review
  • When I need to know how many people have cited my article
  • When I don’t know how to find a peer-reviewed article


Who is it that I call?  I could call my mother, but she’d be supportive and not much else.  Instead, I call on the library staff at the McGoogan Library of Medicine!  They’re available 96.5 hours every week, in person, over the phone, via chat and email, too.

There’s a million ways to say thank you for all the library staff does, and October is the perfect time to say it.  Happy National Medical Library Month!

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