University of Nebraska Medical Center

New books added in March

  • The American Heritage dictionary of idioms.  Christine Ammer.  PE 2839 A518a 2013
  • The Cleveland Clinic intensive review of pediatrics  [edited by] Camille Sabella, Robert J. Cunningham III.  WS 200 C6351 2013
  • Comprehensive systematic review for advanced nursing practice.   Cheryl Holly, Susan W. Salmond, Marie K. Saimbert.  WY 128 H746c 2012
  • Dermatotoxicology  edited by Klaus-Peter Wilhelm, Hongbo Zhai, Howard I. Maibach. WR 140 D43518 2012
  • Do you really need back surgery?  a surgeon’s guide to neck and back pain and how to choose your treatment  Aaron G. Filler. WE 720 F485d 2012
  • Epidemiological research: an introduction O.S. Miettinen, I. Karp.  WA 950 M632e 2012
  • Finally out: letting go of living straight: a psychiatrist’s own story Loren A. Olson.  HQ 76 O524f  2011
  • Geriatric dosage handbook: including clinical recommendations and monitoring guidelines  [senior editors] Todd P. Semla, Judith L. Beizer, Martin D. Higbee.  QV 735 S472g 2013
  • Health policy: crisis and reform editors, Carroll L. Estes … [et al.]; associate editor, Eva Williams.  W 84 AA1 H43478 2013
  • Introduction to meta-analysis  Michael Borenstein … [et al.].  WA 950 I6196 2009
  • Medical laboratory science review.  Robert R. Harr.  QY 18.2 H2961m 2013
  • Mosby’s Dictionary of medicine,  nursing & health professions.  W 13 M894 2013
  • Neoplastic diseases of the blood  [edited by] Peter H. Wiernik … [et al.].  WH 250 N438 2013
  • The origins of organ transplantation: surgery and laboratory science, 1880-1930 Thomas Schlich.  WO 11.1 S344o 2010
  • The review of natural products: the most complete source of natural product information edited by Ara DerMarderosian, John A. Beutler.  QV 752 R454 2012
  • Taber’s cyclopedic medical dictionary editor,  Donald Venes.  W 13 T113d 2013

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