University of Nebraska Medical Center

New books added in September

  • Essential evidence-based psychopharmacology edited by Dan J. Stein, Bernard Lerer, Stephen M. Stahl. WM 402 E93 2012
  • Expression profiling in neuroscience  edited by Yannis Karamanos QH 450 E9686 2012
  • Influence of lipid structures in liposomal gene delivery: structure-activity investigation and therapeutic application of liposomes, Srujan Kumar Marepally. QU 93 M324i 2012
  • Making evidence-based psychological treatments work with older adults edited by Forrest Scogin and Avani Shah. WT 145 M2354 2012
  • Professional guide to diseases. WB 39 P964 2013
  • Stedman’s medical abbreviations, acronyms & symbols. W 13 S812 2013
  • Trauma therapy in context: the science and craft of evidence-based practice,  forword by Judith Lewis Herman; edited by Robert  A. McMackin … [et al.]. WM 170 T777 2012
  • Women and the practice of medical care in early modern Europe,  1400-1800 Leigh Whaley. WZ 80.5 W5 W5524 2011

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