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New books added in May

The following books were added to the library’s collection in May.

  • ACLS review made incredibly easy! WG 18.2 A1845 2013
  • Advanced therapy of inflammatory bowel disease [edited by] Theodore M. Bayless, Stephen B. Hanauer WI 522 C976 2011
  • Aging and lung disease: a clinical guide Margaret Pisani,  editor. WF 600 A267 2012
  • Allergy [edited by] Stephen T. Holgate … [et al.] WD 300 D432502 2012
  • The art of leadership George Manning, Kent Curtis BF 637 M2832 2009
  • Assessment made incredibly easy!. WY 49 A846 2013
  • ATLS, advanced trauma life support for doctors American College  of Surgeons, Committee on Trauma WO 700 A244 2008
  • Basic biomechanics of the musculoskeletal system [edited by]  Margareta Nordin, Victor H. Frankel ; Dawn Leger, developmental editor. WE 103 B311 2012
  • Basic pharmacokinetics Mohsen A. Hedaya QV 38 H452b 2012
  • Brukner & Khan’s clinical sports medicine[Peter] Brukner … [et al.]. QT 261 B892c 2012
  • Cancer-associated viruses edited by Erle Robertson. QW 166 C2151 2011
  • Chronic illness: impact and intervention [edited by] Ilene M.  Lubkin and Pamala D. Larsen. WT 500 L929c 2013
  • Clinical radiation oncology senior editors, Leonard L.  Gunderson, Joel E. Tepper ;  associate editors, Jeffrey A.  Bogart … [et al.]. QZ 269 C6412 2012
  • Differential diagnosis for physical therapists: screening for referral,  Catherine C. Goodman, Teresa Kelly Snyder  WB 460 G653d 2012
  • diFiore’s atlas of histology with functional correlations, Victor P. Eroschenko. QS 517 F518a 2013
  • Essentials of nuclear medicine imaging, Fred A. Mettler Jr. , Milton J. Guiberteau WN 445 M595e 2012
  • Gass’ atlas of macular diseases, Anita Agarwal WW 270 G251s 2012
  • Handbook of liver disease, edited by Lawrence S. Friedman, Emmet B. Keeffe ; foreword by Jules L. Dienstag. WI 700 H2365 2012
  • Harper’s illustrated biochemistry, Robert K. Murray, … [et al.]. QU 4 H294r 2012
  • How the immune system works, Lauren Sompayrac. QW 504 S6979h 2012
  • Human development 10/11,  editor, Karen L. Freiberg. BF 713 H9181 2010
  • Integrated theory and knowledge development in nursing, Peggy L.  Chinn, Maeona K. Kramer. WY 86 C5399 2008
  • Language disorders from infancy through adolescence: listening, speaking, reading, writing, and communicating Rhea Paul, Courtenay F. Norbury.  WL 340.2 P3241L 2012
  • Lymphedema: a concise compendium of the theory and practice,  Byung-Boong Lee, John Bergan, Stanley G. Rockson, editors. WH 700 L986 2011
  • Maternal and child health: programs, problems, and policy in public health, edited by Jonathan B. Kotch. WA 310 M425 2013
  • The MD Anderson surgical oncology, handbook  editors, Barry W. Feig, C. Denise Ching. QZ 268 M478 2012
  • Medical biochemistry at a glance,  J.G. Salway. QU 4 S186m 2012
  • Medical response to adult sexual assault: a resource for clinicians and related professionals,[edited by] Linda E. Ledray, Ann Wolbert Burgess, and Angelo P. Giardino. W 795 M4892 2011
  • The medical school interview: secrets and a system for success, Jeremiah Fleenor. W 19 F594m 2011
  • Multiple sclerosis therapeutics, edited by Jeffrey A. Cohen,  Richard A. Rudick. WL 360 M96191 2011
  • Mummies, cannibals, and vampires: the history of corpse medicine from the Renaissance to the Victorians, Richard Sugg. WZ 70 GA1 S9474m 2011
  • Munro’s statistical methods for health care research, Stacey B. Plichta, Elizabeth A. Kelvin. WA 950 M968s 2013
  • Nancy Caroline’s emergency care in the streets ,series editor: Andrew N. Pollak; lead editors Bob Elling, Mike Smith. WB 105 C2928n 2013
  • Neuroanatomy for the neuroscientist, Stanley Jacobson, Elliott M. Marcus. WL 300 J17n 2011
  • Newborn surgery edited by Prem Puri. WS 421 N534 2011
  • Pain management,  Margaret Saul Laccetti, Mary K. Kazanowsk WY 160.5 L129p 2009
  • The patient’s checklist: what every hospital patient needs to know to stay organized, safe & sane, Elizabeth Bailey. WX 158.5 B1541p 2011
  • Pilbeam’s mechanical ventilation: physiological and clinical applications,  [edited by] J.M. Cairo. WF 145 P637m 2012
  • Primer on the autonomic nervous system ,  editor in chief, David  Robertson ; editors, Italo Biaggioni … [et al.]. WL 600 P953 2012
  • Professionalism in health care: a primer for career success, Sherry Makely ; contributing authors, Vanessa J. Austin, Quay Kester. W 21 M235p 2013
  • Pulmonary pathophysiology: the essentials John B. West. WF 600 W514p 2013
  • Quick reference to wound care: palliative, home, and clinical practices edited by Pamela Brown. WR 39 Q6 2013
  • Sabiston textbook of surgery: the biological basis of modern surgical practice [edited by] Courtney M. Townsend Jr. … [et al.]. WO 100 D261 2012
  • The SAGES manual of quality, outcomes and patient safety, David S. Tichansky, John Morton, Daniel B. Jones, editors. WO 39 S1297 2012
  • Sheehy’s manual of emergency care Emergency Nurses Association ; edited by Belinda B. Hammond, Polly Gerber Zimmermann. WX 215 S541m 2013
  • Sleep apnea: pathogenesis, diagnosis, and treatment [edited  by] Allan I. Pack. WF 143 S632 2012
  • The social construction of difference and inequality: race, class, gender, and sexuality [selected and edited by] Tracy Ore. HN 59.2 S6781 2009
  • Student laboratory manual, Physical examination & health assessment [edited by] Carolyn Jarvis. WB 205 J38p 2008a
  • Swaiman’s pediatric neurology: principles and practice [edited by] Kenneth F. Swaiman … [et al.]. WS 340 P3713 2012
  • The Washington manual of critical care [edited by] Marin H. Kollef, Warren Isakow. WX 39 W3171 2012
  • A woman’s disease: the history of cervical cancer Ilana  Lowy. WP 11.1 L922w 2011

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