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I didn't search for that! PubMed search problem and fix

Due to a modification to PubMed search algorithms, an inadvertent issue has occurred. Some terms are being translated incorrectly; thus the search statement and results are not entirely accurate. PubMed is aware of the situation and is working on the problem.

If the search strategy that you entered does not match the Showing results for search statement, you will need to click on the Search this instead search statement.For instance, in the graphic below, we entered splenic into the search box. PubMed translated that term into splenica (black bolded). You can see the correct form of the word in the Search instead for hyperlinked search statement. Clicking on that link will give you the results for the correct search statement.

This mistranslation may not occur for all searches. If your search statement is bolded, chances are the mistranslation occurred and you should click the suggested statement.

If you have questions or problems, please contact the Reference Desk at 402-559-6221 or askus@unmc.edu.

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