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New books added to collection

Below is a list of new books added to the library’s collection in August. Even more have been added since August and they can be found on the New Book shelf, located near the entrance to the library. Suggestions for future book purchases are always accepted.

  • Antibiotic resistance : implications for global health and novel intervention strategies : workshop summary QW 45 A6294 2010
  • The health of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people : building a foundation for better understanding WA 300 H4342 2011
  • Introduction to health care delivery : primer for pharmacists / edited by Robert L. McCarthy, Kenneth W. Schafermeyer, Kimberly S. Plake. W 84 AA1 I61 2012
  • Koenig and Schultz’s disaster medicine WA 295 K78 2010
  • Pediatric life care planning and case management /edited by Susan Riddick-Grisham, Laura M. Deming. WS 368 P3271 2011
  • Preparedness and response to a rural mass casualty incident : workshop summary WA 295 P9277 2011
  • SARS unmasked : brisk communication of pandemics and influenza in Canada /Michael G. Tyshenko WC 505 T995s 2010

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