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Off-campus access issues and fix

Are you being told that you have entered your username and password incorrectly? If you follow the instructions below, you should be able to gain access again.

  • If you have recently changed your password and you can no longer access Library materials from home (off-campus), you will need to sync your new password with the off-campus access system. Please log in to http://net.unmc.edu/netid/changemypassword/ and then try the library again. You will need your old password to initially log in and then you can enter your new password.
  • If you are a volunteer/adjunct faculty member or preceptor having problems logging in with your LDAP account, please go to https://net.unmc.edu/netid/id_passreset_xself.php.  Go through the process of resetting your password and then try the library again with your new password. If you receive a “Token Error” when changing your password, try again. There seems to be an issue with the first attempt.

Please contact the UNMC’s ITS Help Desk at 402-559-7700 if you have trouble resetting your password. The library does not have access to password databases.

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