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RefWorks Direct Export from EBSCO

Currently, direct exports from EBSCOhost MEDLINE to RefWorks are not working and groups of CINAHL records selected for direct export to RefWorks are not being exported in their entirety. Several academic institutions have reported the problems to EBSCO tech support and they have placed this issue as a high priority. We suggest that while these problems are being fixed, you search only one EBSCOhost database at a time and export results to RefWorks using the method described as Work-Around 3 on the RefWorks tips site. Please remember, before starting a second search in a different EBSCOhost database, export to RefWorks, and then delete any records that are still in your EBSCOhost folder from your first search.

Alternatively, you can search MEDLINE in the PubMed interface. Instructions for export from PubMed to RefWorks is also included in the RefWorks tip site.

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