University of Nebraska Medical Center

Wittson Hall elevator down starting Dec 21

On Monday, December 21st, the north passenger elevator no. 22 (serving Wittson Hall levels 2 through 6) will be shut down for not more than three (3) days. Elevator no. 22 will be shut down to allow the steel erection subcontactor to install a “catwalk” access platform near the top of the elevator hoistway necessary for routine elevator equipment maintenance. There will be some welding and cutting associated with this work and UNMC’s Hot Work policies/procedures will be enforced. During this time, the contractor and/or UNMC Security will be performing a “fire watch” of the construction site and surrounding areas. Any occupants of Wittson Hall that observe or smell smoke and/or fire should immediately call UNMC Security Dispatch at 559-5555.