University of Nebraska Medical Center

What to expect from the new PubMed

Sometime within the next week or so, the PubMed interface will change over to what is the now the Preview site. To learn more about the changes, you can read the NLM Technical Bulletin or watch a 30 minute NLM webinar.  You can also peruse the PubMed Basics guide, which was created for UNMC users. For in-person instruction, you can register for library PubMed classes, which are scheduled in November and December. You can also contact the Reference Desk (559-6221 or askus@unmc.edu) for one-on-one instruction and assistance.

Please note that during this preview (and perhaps after), NLM is making modifications to the new interface, in reaction to feedback provided by PubMed users. If you would like to provide feedback, please do so. The more voices that are heard regarding an issue, the more likely that modifications will be made. Feedback can be submitted through the PubMed Help Desk form.

There are a few major changes that will impact UNMC users. First, in order to utilize Limits, see your search History, or view search Details, you must be in the Advanced Search.

Advanced Search

Second, RefWorks users should follow these steps in order to save files for RefWorks imports:

  1. After selecting citations or moving them into the Clipboard, click on the Send to link
  2. After a box with selections pops up, select File
  3. Once File is selected, a drop-down menu of Destinations will appear. Here, you can select the MEDLINE format
  4. Once MEDLINE is selected, click the Create File button (obstructed in the following image) and follow usual file-save procedures.

You will not see your citations in MEDLINE format, but they will be saved in the format, if selected. This change saves you a step!