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University of Nebraska Medical Center

McGoogan goes antimicrobial

Computers located at the 6th floor Reference area and 8th floor Wilson Library Training Room are now sporting antimicrobial keyboards and mice. Antimicrobial silver ions are embedded in the plastic, which is also dishwasher safe! We don’t plan on testing that manufacturer’s assertion, but the keyboards and mice will be easier to clean. Additionally, wall-mounted handsanitizer dispensers have been strategically placed near computer areas.

Please note that these keyboards and mice are not available on the ITS computers located on the 6th floor (northwest side) and 8th floor ITS training room and Sievers cluster.

While on the topic, sinks for the restrooms should arrive within the next few weeks. Handsanitizer is available, along with the sink in the 6th floor Linder Lounge. Many apologies for this inconvenience.