University of Nebraska Medical Center

What do you think of the beta library webpage?

The McGoogan Library’s redesigned Web site is ready for viewing in a “beta” version! The beta can only be viewed while you are on-campus.

The goal of the redesigned site is to bring more resources to the front and reduce the amount of searching and clicking. Take a look, and let us know what you think and please provide us with feedback. The new design has several improvements, including:


  • McGoogan Library News, ‘About Us’, Research Help, and Services are now available on the home page;
  • Research Help, the library’s custom research portals, are now available in a drop down by group format (COD, CON, COP, etc);
  • A navbar has been applied across all .html pages to help users more easily navigate the site.



Input from the campus community has been incorporated into the design and is still invited, so please let us know your opinions.

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