University of Nebraska Medical Center

Web-Based SciFinder Scholar Replaces SciFinder Download Software

The McGoogan Library is pleased to announce that UNMC SciFinder users will no longer need to download software to use SciFinder.  The product is now available on the web, on or off campus, through the library home page (www.unmc.edu/library).

To access the web version of SciFinder, you are required to fill out a one-time registration form. You must use a unmc.edu email address for registration.  Upon registration, SciFinder will send you a dedicated username and password.  These are required for use.

Go now to the registration form or go to the library’s website, click on S in the Online Resources and then SciFinder.  The registration link will be available below the link to access SciFinder itself.

Once the registration form is filled out, SciFinder will send an email.  Follow the instructions in the email to complete your registration.

After registering, you can access SciFinder on or off campus through the library’s ‘SciFinder’ link (under Online Resources, click on S for SciFinder).  If you use an off-campus computer, you will be asked to login with your UNMC LotusNotes e-mail or LDAP username and password before you are granted access to the SciFinder login page.  Once you reach the SciFinder login page, just sign-in using the username and password you selected during the SciFinder registration process.

Note: The library will only provide access to one version of SciFinder.  Consequently, access via the downloadable software will no longer be available.  The move to the web-based version was made  1) to provide SciFinder users with access from both on- and off-campus computers and 2) to provide users access to the new SciFinder features that are only being incorporated into the web-based version.

Please contact Ann Kaste, Digital Resources Librarian, (akaste@unmc.edu) with questions or comments.