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What’s It About?  Read all about it taken directly from their website. ” is a free podcast syndication service for medical practitioners with an insatiable interest in the latest medical news, providing abstract summaries from the highest impact medical journals as downloadable audio.

Subscription to is free, and subscribers can

  • listen to abstracts immediately
  • download them to their iPod/MP3 player for later
  • set up automatic downloads from their favourite journals to their computer or iPod/MP3 player
  • receive a regular email reminder whenever new audio content from their chosen journals becomes available was created by two independent health professionals who understand the challenge of staying up to date while maintaining a busy professional life.

Founder Dr Craig Dalton is a public health physician. He said: ?Like most specialist physicians I found it hard to keep up with the medical literature. Knowing the latest news is crucial, and yet there are so many journals and limited time to read them.

With automated system , medical practitioners can listen to the latest abstracts while driving, jogging or doing other activities.?

JournalJunkie currently provides one stop subscription to:


The New England Journal of Medicine

The Lancet

Annals of Internal Medicine

PLOS Medicine

The Lancet Neurology

The Lancet Infectious Diseases

More medical journals will come online in the near future.

To listen online or set up your free subscription, visit

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