UNMC Intramural Sports

Spencer Trapp Closes in on His First Intramural Title


Spencer Trapp of Sand Volleyball Team NOW

Spencer Trapp has been involved in the UNMC Intramural Program for the four years he has been on campus in the Physical Therapy program. As a very good athlete who starred in football, basketball and track at Superior High School in Nebraska, he has come oh-so-close to winning a title, but never has at UNMC. His teams have finished runner-up in basketball and volleyball.

This could be the year to win a title though, as his sand volleyball team is undefeated after three weeks for a record of 9 – 0.


Trapp’s team consists of his friends Connor Christenson, Molly Christensen, Maggie Hellbusch, Trey Anderson, and Maggie McNally. The team name was supposed to be nWo , New World Order, but spell check would not allow that and changed the team name to NOW.

The sand volleyball league awards the custom – made unique t-shirts to the team with the most wins in the six week season. Three more weeks of play and no slip-ups, or not many, and Spencer would win the t-shirt and title he would love to have.

“If we win the league, it would cap my fine four years here at UNMC. We would go out on a high note,” he said.  Trapp will be employed in his home town of Superior after he graduates next spring.




Sand Volleyball Standings September 20


After two weeks of play, NOW is the only team with a record of six wins and 0 losses. Each team gets 6 matches, and the winner of the league is the team with the most wins at the end of the season.
Winning team gets a custom made t-shirt and bragging rights!


Team Resting Beach Face


Hot Shots


Marcia’s Pancakes


bump, Simet, spike

Got Par Wins Golf Tournament


Jim Gilmore holds up the ball he put in for an Eagle. Hole #18 second shot.


Team Got Par won the two week scramble tournament with a total of 10 under par. The team members are Jeff Belling, Pete Laski, Kory Petersen, Johna Belling, Rob Wemhoff, Jody Petersen, and Josh Belling and Mark Grote.







Golf League Update August 18th


Mark Grote and Pete Laski of Shank You Very Much



With one week to go in the regular season, Fringe Drinkers has clinched the regular season title in the Intramural Golf League.

On Thursday August 18th we will play the make-up schedule of July 21st. The two week tournament will begin August 25th and end September 1st. The schedule of who goes off at what time is determined by the final regular season standings. The tentative schedule listed here finds Fringe Drinkers and Going Golfing going off at 4:45 PM off the front nine and Teed Off versus Schoo’s Your Daddy going off at 4:45 PM on the back nine.


Intramural Golf Update August 4th


David and Sue Steiner of team Schoo’s Your Daddy 

GOLF2016 (003)

Team Going Golfing gained two points on the top team, Fringe Drinkers, and moved alone into second place. Going Golfing has to make up 12 points with two weeks to go to finish the regular season on top.

The match of the week belonged to Jason Schoo against Rich Watson of Shank You Very Much. Two of the top golfers in the league, Schoo had to give 4 strokes to Watson, who had a 5 handicap.

The two played the front nine at Elmwood Golf Course. Jason got off to a lead by scoring a birdie on the first hole, but Watson made that stroke up on the next hole.

The two went back and forth, neither having more than a one stroke lead. Schoo probably lost the match on the tough par 4 #7, when he pushed his drive into the #6 fairway, and then three putted for a bogey. Having clinched the match, Watson had his only double of the round, a 6 on #9. He scored a 37 and Schoo a 36.

Rich Watson works in the UNMC public relations department, and learned how to play golf as a teenager sneaking onto the PlatteView Country Club. Watson grew up in Ralston, Ne. He was “absolutely” pumped up to play Schoo, who has the low handicap in the league.

Jason Schoo doesn’t get too worried about always getting the best shots from the other players. “I don’t think about that stuff,” he said. “I’m playing the course, and I just go hole-by-hole.”  His goal in the leagues he plays in is to get his handicap down to zero, a “scratch” player.


Charlene Ehteridge and Kat Hamilton of Fringe Drinkers.





Mission: IM Bocce Ball Wins 2016 Summer League


Austin Svec, Matthew Dorwart and Kevin Selting of team Mission: IM Bocce Ball 

This time Matthew Dorwart and his teammates would not settle for second or third and they defeated Asian Persuasion for the Bocce Ball League Championship in the UNMC Intramural League.

Austin Svec, Matthew Dorwart, Kevin Selting, Charlie Treinen, and Brent Moravec met in the UNMC Masters of Medical Anatomy program. They have teamed up to win two intramural basketball championships, along with a runner up in Curling and a previous third place finish in Bocce Ball.

The key to their success says Captain Dorwart is that they play together as a team exceptionally well. The five students are now in UNMC’s Medical School.


Peter Sam, Travis Patrick Martin and Kevin Sun finished runners-up for the second bocce ball season in a row.



Odds and Predictions on the Bocce Ball tournament


Team Asian Persuasion 

Four teams remain in the UNMC Bocce Ball tournament. Here are the match – ups:

5:45 PM Asian Persuasion V Bocce Lee

Pick: Bocce Lee

5:45 PM Deboccery V Mission IM Bocce Ball

Pick: Deboccery

6:30 PM Final ; winner of the two semi-final matches

Pick: Deboccery

Odds against winning the 2016 Bocce Ball Championship:

2 – 1      Deboccery

5 – 1      Bocce Lee

7 – 1       Mission IM Bocce Ball

10 – 1     Asian Persuasion


Sean Erickson, Mike Hammond, Rick Fulton and Kris Hammond of team Bocce Lee. 

In the match – up of Bocce Lee V Asian Persuasion, Bocce Lee is one of only two teams to defeat Asian Persuasion in the two Bocce Ball leagues we have had here. It seems Bocce Lee has their number and we predict an upset of the number one seed Asian Persuasion. Bocce Lee is the lowest seeded team left in the tournament.

In the other semi-final match up, the defending champion Deboccery takes on Mission IM Bocce . Mission IM Bocce has been close to winning both the curling league and Bocce Ball leagues. But they can not seem to get over the top and the defending Champs Deboccery is playing well. Pick Deboccery


Matthew Dowart of Mission IM ball on the right. Peter Sam of Asian Persuasion on the left shaking hands. 

In the Final of the 2016 Bocce Ball league tournament, Deboccery is picked to defend their championship.


Team Deboccery in their winning T-shirts from last season.



Disc Golf Update July 20th


With three weeks to go in the Disc Golf League, Tyler Scherr leads with Adam Felber close behind. The league plays at the Treasure Cove Course on the campus of Iowa Western college campus.