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Marcia’s Pancakes Win Sand Volleyball Tournament


Travis Schrier, Jaeda Roth, Amy Dressen, Alex Springman, Dan Regier, Ryan Muehling . Not pictured Matthew Kercher

The inaugural intramural sand volleyball tournament was won by Marcia’s Pancakes, a team captained by Amy Dressen. They marched through the tournament with a 6 – 1 record.

The team consists of second year medical students at UNMC. For winning the sand volleyball tournament, they have bragging rights and custom made unique t-shirts.

“It feels great to finally win UNMC intramurals!   Our team played hard and played together all season, and we really came together in the end to accomplish our ultimate goal of winning those fancy UNMC Intramural Champion T-Shirts!” 




NOW Wins Inaugural Sand Volleyball League


Trey Anderson Connor Christensen Spencer Trapp Molly Christensen and Maggie Hellbusch . Not pictured is Maggie McNally. 


Spencer Trapp earned his first Intramural Championship with a wire to wire victory in Sand Volleyball. His team, NOW, won 18 games in a row without a loss.

Trapp will leave UNMC now with a degree in Physical Therapy AND with an intramural championship and a unique custom made T-Shirt.

Congrats to NOW on their sand volleyball championship!


Maggie’s Pancakes finished runners – up.


Sand Volleyball Standings October 14th


The Sand Volleyball league is NOW’s to lose. They only need to defeat last place Chewblocka and The Wooks to win the league.
But Chewblocka can do Marcia’s Pancakes a big favor by winning at least one game from NOW.

Due to a quirk in the schedule, NOW and second place Marcia’s Pancakes do not play each other. NOW only has a one game lead on Marcia, but can clinch the league and the t shirts by defeating the last place team.



Spencer Trapp Closes in on His First Intramural Title


Spencer Trapp of Sand Volleyball Team NOW

Spencer Trapp has been involved in the UNMC Intramural Program for the four years he has been on campus in the Physical Therapy program. As a very good athlete who starred in football, basketball and track at Superior High School in Nebraska, he has come oh-so-close to winning a title, but never has at UNMC. His teams have finished runner-up in basketball and volleyball.

This could be the year to win a title though, as his sand volleyball team is undefeated after three weeks for a record of 9 – 0.


Trapp’s team consists of his friends Connor Christenson, Molly Christensen, Maggie Hellbusch, Trey Anderson, and Maggie McNally. The team name was supposed to be nWo , New World Order, but spell check would not allow that and changed the team name to NOW.

The sand volleyball league awards the custom – made unique t-shirts to the team with the most wins in the six week season. Three more weeks of play and no slip-ups, or not many, and Spencer would win the t-shirt and title he would love to have.

“If we win the league, it would cap my fine four years here at UNMC. We would go out on a high note,” he said.  Trapp will be employed in his home town of Superior after he graduates next spring.




Sand Volleyball Standings September 20


After two weeks of play, NOW is the only team with a record of six wins and 0 losses. Each team gets 6 matches, and the winner of the league is the team with the most wins at the end of the season.
Winning team gets a custom made t-shirt and bragging rights!


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Marcia’s Pancakes


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