A Mystery Poem

Today we have a host poet who’s come anonymously to present his work.

Enjoy, and if you have any thoughts about the mystery author or the poem itself, feel free to leave a comment!


I met a man today
His wife here with tubes and hoses
They’ve been married sixty three years

His short quiet steps full of concern
She in the awful robe, ashy face, on the monitor
A 1920’s wedding in the farm town, stiff collars-broad hats

He stands by her room sharing his sixty three
Complaining of full pain-here, a little there, she said
Off they rode, behind the horse, past the milo and the wells

He strokes her cheek, kisses her cheek
She holds his hand, white fingers entwined
Each wanting sixty three more
Of children and dust and loss
And love

About the Author:

I’m an attending physician in the Department of Psychiatry. I can’t tell you more now. We’re going to play a little game. No names for now please!

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3 thoughts on “A Mystery Poem

    • “It really matters that great poems get written, and it doesn’t matter a damn who writes them.” (Ezra Pound)

      Whoever the author is, not that it matters, I really love this line: “Off they rode, behind the horse, past the milo and the wells.”

  • Nice poem, I did write some poems during my younger years and sad to say I have not got a chance to continue it. Keep it up and I hope you can share more blogs like this to the coming more years.