Humanities Resources

By Virginia Aita, PhD MSN

Medical Humanities resources are abundant for those interested in writing, teaching or just enjoying the materials that are available.  Three resources are listed below.

One of the richest repositories of literature and arts is known as the New York University Literature, Arts and Medicine Database located at:

This database contains literature, information about authors, and a reading room for those interested in the intersection of literature and medicine. A similar collection of works of arts, information about the artists, and a viewing room for those interested in the intersection of art and medicine is available.  In addition there is information about the performing arts and films.  There is also a very useful search function on the site.

Another resource with a wealth of medical humanities materials is from the University of Pittsburg located at

This research resource makes available a collection of materials in the history of medicine and lists recent dissertations written by students studying medical history and the humanities. The site also lists databases in the history of medicine and offers a collection of full length videos dealing with the history of medicine.  Special Collections features as well as educational lectures concerning the history of medicine are also available on this site.

A resource closer to home is located on the Nebraska Humanities Council site at

This site lists “favorite links” that include many literary, historical or other humanities works, events, and opportunities having to do with Nebraska’s literary heritage, culture, and plains history.  The Nebraska Humanities Council (NHC) site should be a first stop in the search for works and activities featuring the humanities. The NHC helps fund many humanities events in the state which are listed in the news and calendar feature of the website.

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