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Category: Mobile Simulation Unit

Photos: UNMC CON Scottsbluff and WNCC

Photos from the 10/15/2015 visit to the UNMC College of Nursing and WNCC nursing students in Scottsbluff. View on: Facebook, G+ or Flickr

Oct 21, 2015

Photos: Bryan College Nursing Students

Photos from the 10/02/2015 HEROES visit to Bryan¬†College of Health Sciences’ Nursing Students. View on Facebook, G+ or Flickr

Oct 6, 2015

Photos: UNMC CON Lincoln in Omaha

Photos from the 9/11/2015 visit of UNMC’s College of Nursing Lincoln Division student’s to the Omaha campus. View on:¬†Facebook, G+, Flickr

Sep 15, 2015