Future Thoughts: Transforming Healthcare One Idea at a Time

After Hurricane Harvey: What is Happening at Schools of Nursing in Southeast Texas

Now that the waters are receding in greater Houston and southeast Texas you might think the worse is over for the schools of nursing, but I thought I would share my experience at Univ of TX Medical Branch after Hurricane Ike and give you some sense of what is happening and what they might need. There are two priorities for the schools now: the first… Continue Reading

High Need, High Costs: Innovative Patient Care Models

The Commonwealth Fund has a large body of work regarding the population of adult patients referred to as “high need, high cost” (http://www.commonwealthfund.org/publications/issue-briefs/2015/oct/care-high-need-high-cost-patients). These are patients with multiple chronic health problems compounded by social problems.  We know who these patients are and what models of care work. We also know the medical and social complexity of these patients increases the likelihood of negative outcomes. These social problems… Continue Reading

A Culture of Health

Is there anyone out there who has been asleep or otherwise out of touch with reality as we know it for the last year or two and doesn’t know that the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation is committed to growing a “culture of health” in the US.  Their ideas are sound and they have the money to make  a difference, as evidenced by the impact that is just now… Continue Reading