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Push – Pull:

The push – pull movement category is for upper body strengthening exercises.

Begin with easy, comfortable submaximal repetitions to first get your muscles used to strengthening. After a week or more, then progress to working muscles to fatigue in a limited number of continuous repetitions. Strengthening is more about quality than quantity. You can do an effective strengthening exercise in less than 2 minutes. The goal is to make the muscles work so intensely that you can only do a limited number of perfect repetitions. You know you have given the muscles a good reason to grow and get stronger if you create a dull burning sensation in the muscles and cannot continue to execute anymore perfect repetitions. The program materials say to do 8 -12 repetitions. However, you can do more than 12 reps as long as you are stopping because you can’t continue the motion and not because you are just bored with doing the movement. Minimize the use of momentum, keep your movements slow and under control. Strengthening exercises for a particular muscle group or body part can be done as infrequently as 2 – 3 well spaced days per week.

Here is a link to a video demonstrating a pushing strengthening exercise progression.

Here is a link to a video exercise demonstrating a pulling strengthening exercise.

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