Program Evaluation?

We want your feedback! Did you learn anything new? Try anything new? Or, revisit something you had forgotten about? Do anything differently after participating in the program? Program improvements? Please take the evaluation survey below or just e-mail ( or post your comments if you prefer.

Challenge_Evaluation Spring 2015
(Save the completed survey to your computer and attach it to an e-mail to send to me. You could also print and mail it to me. It is not able to be submitted directly.)

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6 thoughts on “Program Evaluation?

  • Thanks to the Fitness That Works program, I have now started exercising regularly and plan to continue it.

    • Thank you for participating! If you ever need assistance with your activity program I am to try and help.

  • I liked how this activity offered accountability which kept motivating me, but it was not pressured or forced. The self report with consistent reminders on participation were paced just right.
    Too often I can talk myself out of exercising (too busy, forgetful, lack of schedule) and this activity gently kept me on pace to be more consistent.
    Recommend converting survey for electronic submission. Thanks.

    • I’m glad you found it helpful. It would be good to still be part of a team, but to be able to submit your activity electronically would be easier.

  • I enjoy doing these challenges and try to do new things I didn’t normally do. It makes me think about ways to get extra exercise in my day.

    • It’s good to try new things! Be sure to gradually adapt to any changes in activity. Train, don’t strain. Not no pain no gain.