Emergency Medicine


Thrombectomy in Ischemic Stroke Previous studies on intra-arterial treatment for ischemic stroke were not that encouraging, BUT many used non-contrast CT’s instead of CTA and many used alteplase instead of or in addition to mechanical thrombectomy. Recent studies from the NEJM suggest that in patients with a proximal vessel occlusion, thrombectomy has better results than usual care, AKA IV alteplase. All of the studies were… Continue Reading

UNMC to Vietnam – 2015

Bright and early on a Friday last month, Dr. Zeger, our clinical director, Dr. Habrat, a PGY-2 in the program (and future chief), Thanh Nguyen, an APRN in our department, Kathy Morris, a rural ED APRN and educator and I boarded a flight leaving Omaha. Four planes, 3 countries, an unplanned overnight stay in Tokyo and a long bus ride later (travel doesn’t always go… Continue Reading

Plans for the future – Critical Care Fellowship

As my 3rd year draws to a close one of the more frequent questions I get asked is “So, what are your plans for next year?” For both reasons known and unknown I have decided to forego making any money and spend 2 more years of fellowship training in Critical Care Anesthesia. Inevitably the following question is “why?” and as it turns out, the answers… Continue Reading