Emergency Medicine

Tips for Tots: Eye Injuries

Introduction Some of the most stressful situations encountered in an emergency department have to do with kids. Even the most benign pathologies can become high anxiety encounters and if you throw in a stressed out parent who provides the added benefit of sideline quarterback then you’ve got a real mess on your hands. There are a plethora of review articles that look into the management… Continue Reading

UNMC to Vietnam – 2015

Bright and early on a Friday last month, Dr. Zeger, our clinical director, Dr. Habrat, a PGY-2 in the program (and future chief), Thanh Nguyen, an APRN in our department, Kathy Morris, a rural ED APRN and educator and I boarded a flight leaving Omaha. Four planes, 3 countries, an unplanned overnight stay in Tokyo and a long bus ride later (travel doesn’t always go… Continue Reading

Trauma 24/7

“Hey Dr. Hall… here you go”. The on call resident slid the pager across the table into my open hand. “It’s all yours… good luck”. This was my first day on trauma. This was my first day after orientation month and I could tell that things were going to be different. The dichotomy between those two months was evident from the very first moments. The… Continue Reading