Emergency Medicine


Thrombectomy in Ischemic Stroke Previous studies on intra-arterial treatment for ischemic stroke were not that encouraging, BUT many used non-contrast CT’s instead of CTA and many used alteplase instead of or in addition to mechanical thrombectomy. Recent studies from the NEJM suggest that in patients with a proximal vessel occlusion, thrombectomy has better results than usual care, AKA IV alteplase. All of the studies were… Continue Reading

Journal Club- May 2013: Does pre-hospital advanced airway management lead to worse patient outcomes?

Perhaps one of the most controversial topics in EM and prehospital literature was tackled by residents Tony Mueller and Eric Ernest (with faculty leader Dr Muelleman) a few weeks ago at an evening journal club dinner hosted at Dr Larsen’s house.  In their parsing out of the literature, the two residents debated whether recent evidence truly suggests poorer outcomes for patients who receive advanced airways… Continue Reading