Emergency Medicine


Tis the season indeed.  With a record number of residency candidates applying to our program this year, we’ll be keeping plenty busy interviewing quality applicants from all across the country.  For those of you out there who are still on the fence about whether to check us out, see this testimonial from one Dr John Hanson, current intern out of Indiana, who just so happens to be a superb mustache-grower and short-coat-wearing-football-player-slash- coal-miner-extraordinaire:

“On March 15th of this past year, I found out I would be trained as a Emergency Medicine physician. Not only that, but I was also getting to go to a great program in Omaha, NE. UNMC had been amongst the best interviews I had. The staff was friendly and welcoming during my interview. Also, the night before the interview, I had gone out to dinner with some of the residents. They were engaging, fun, and interested in getting to know me as an applicant. I knew after my short 24 hour trip to Omaha that it would be a great place to train and live. “

Come visit us in Omaha, and hear more stories along the same lines as that of Dr Hanson.  Good luck on the interview trail!

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