Emergency Medicine

July Sim + Procedure Lab

7/31/13.  Mark the date, July EM residents/rotators.  Because this is…

Advanced Airway Day.

Where every patient needs an airway placed, and you’re the medical professional to do it.  Battle through artificial blood, emesis, and otherwise difficult anatomy as you practice placing both direct and surgical airways on semi-embalmed cadavers in controlled conditions, so that when the stuff hits the fan in the ED, you know exactly what to do.

For those of you who are new to the fold and want a little prepping advice, I typically find that a stiff, succinct combo of Diet Dew, Pink Floyd, and EMCrit/ Scott Weingart are enough to get me amped and ready to rock.  I’ll share a few links below to get you started.  I particularly like the spiced-up version of Shock Trauma Center’s Difficult/Failed Airway algorithm.


Shock Trauma Center Failed Airway Algorithm
The (sometimes controversial) Cric-Con approach to difficult airways
“Breathe” by Pink Floyd

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