College of Public Health Student Association

The purpose of the UNMC’s College of Public Health Student Association is to maintain a body representative of COPH students to the college leadership and external entities; advance the academic and social needs of COPH students; provide and sustain vehicles for communication between students, faculty, administration, alumni,  and the community at-large; create and promote opportunities for community involvement; disseminate educational and professional development resources; support a positive educational experience; and stimulate interest in and advance the profession of public health.

We invite any student in a College of Public Health program to participate in our activities!

For more information please email or contact one of the following Executive Board members:

  • President: Kushal Karan
  • Vice President: Kandy Do
  • Secretary: Shelby Braun
  • Treasurer: Jessica Semin
  • Student Senate Representative: Kushal Karan
  • Student Senate Representative: Kandy Do
  • Student Senate Representative: Tatiana Tchouankam

    Left to Right: Jessica Semin, Shelby Braun, Kushal Karan, Tatiana Tchouankam, Kandy Do