College of Public Health Student Association

National Public Health Week is Here!

National Public Health Week 2014 has officially begun! 2014 marks the fourth year the University of Nebraska Medical Center College of Public Health Student Association will coordinate campus and community events in an effort to raise awareness about the critical role public health and prevention play in keeping communities healthy during National Public Health Week.  For this year’s theme, “Public Health: Start Here,” students have planned events that celebrate public health in different contexts. Join us today for a healthy cooking demonstration with help from Cooking Matters Omaha.

Public health starts at home. From family nutrition and maternal health to safety precautions and disaster preparedness, the first step the community takes toward public health are in the comfort of their own home. Empower your community to take action at home through better meal planning, conducting safety upgrades and preparing for emergencies. Learn more and participate in National Public Health Week at

The week’s events were also featured in the ASPPH Friday letter:


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