Public Health Job Opportunities

Clinical Research Associate I

Clinical Research Associate position with UNMC’s Mind & Brain Health Labs.

The research assistant will work at the Mind & Brain Health Labs (MBHL, Department of Neurological Sciences) with the principal investigator and research team to coordinate, develop, and conduct clinical research projects aimed at improving patient health, disease treatment, and quality of life in individuals who are aging or have neurological, psychiatric, physiologic, or other medical disorders. See “ mbhl” for more information on MBHL. They will assist with clinical research projects from start to finish to support successful communication, coordination, regulatory and protocol compliance, and work across a diverse, multidisciplinary team to meet project goals. The research assistant will be independent, responsible, accountable, self motivated, a strong and adept communicator, and able to complete detailed tasks accurately and with quality. Prior research experience, particularly human subjects and clinical, is strongly preferred. They will adhere to project regulatory protocols (e.g., UNMC, FDA, IRB, HIPAA, lab, sponsor, federal) to meet research participant safety and confidentiality, data quality and security, and successful project operation needs. The research assistant will be able to work with a diverse team of individuals and maintain effective and professional working relationships in a variety of environments (e.g., clinical, research, community).

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