Public Health Job Opportunities

Project & Field Staff Assistant

The Rural Drug Addiction Research (RDAR) Center at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln is looking for a full-time staff member to join our team.


The Project and Field Staff Assistant’s responsibilities will include conducting qualitative and quantitative surveys with adults in and around the Lincoln area. This work will require participating in in-person trainings. Field staff will assist with scheduling and managing data collection, following data protocols, assisting with data collection and processing, as well as collection of biospecimens and the associated counseling with participants, plus providing general assistance with other research-related tasks.

Field staff will work at offices located at UNL and also meet participants at office’s located in targeted communities to administer surveys. Staff may also be asked to collect biological samples (urine and finger-stick) for drug, urinalysis, HIV and HCV testing. Staff will be trained in the administration process and will meet with participants for intake and interview sessions, lasting 1-2 hours. Staff will bring all project materials back to UNL for secured entry and processing.