Public Health Job Opportunities

Tobacco Data Analyst

Qualifications / Requirements

REQUIREMENTS: Bachelor’s Degree in Public Health, Statistics, or Health Education and two years of experience in data analysis, statistics, and interpretation of epidemiological data in the relevant disease/health subject area. Experience in public health, statistics, or health education. (2 years) Experience with program surveillance and evaluation relating to public health and/or tobacco control. Experience working with and/or having working knowledge of the YRBS, YTS, BRFSS, and ATS surveys, hospital discharge data, vital statistics, and/or smoking-attributable mortality, morbidity and economic costs.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

Work independently while maintaining mutually beneficial communication with the team. Ability to develop timelines, meet or exceed project deadlines, and manage multiple, overlapping projects. Attention to detail. Knowledge of trends in risk factors, health/disease related conditions and interventions for a specific health/disease program; SAS and EPI information software. Proficiency with SAS, SUDAAN, GIS Mapping, Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Outlook, Zoom, and Skype.

Ability to facilitate group discussion regarding data collection and the use of data/program evaluation findings; educate teammates and partners on program evaluation; effectively collaborate with CDC, agency, and community officials in the collection, assessment and reporting of health/disease data sets and control/intervention initiatives; and translate data for individuals not within same scope of data knowledge.

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