Public Health Job Opportunities

Anti-Hunger Community Organizer

Position Description

The Community Organizer builds, maintains, and coordinates authentic grassroots relationships within our organizational anti-hunger work. The Community Organizer helps ensure programmatic work is community-led and builds power in local communities. The Community Organizer has the ability to solicit information, listen to all levels, and synthesize multiple channels to include face to face interactions and digital connection. This position is critical to providing leadership development training and contributes to the creation of a program organizing strategy. The Community Organizer is instrumental in community-driven advocacy and engagement efforts related to hunger and food insecurity including the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), school meals, summer food service, and other programs at the local, state, and federal level that can contribute to addressing hunger in Nebraska. The Community Organizer participates in formal and informal coalitions or collaborations which may include nonprofit, civic, and grassroots organizations. The position reports is part of the Organizing Team and the Economic Justice Team.

Position Responsibilities

  • Ensure work is aligned to the goals of the Economic Justice Team, Organizing Team, and the strategic objectives of the organization
  • Contribute to and implement strategic outreach plans, in partnership with the Program team and Organizing Director
  • Work with diverse community members and partners to establish and maintain authentic relationships, and identify issues raised by the community
  • Collaborate with community members, partners, and the Program Team to develop targeted solutions to community issues including the development of policy, legal solutions, and organizing
  • Mobilize a base of grassroots support on the advocacy of important community issues
  • Identify and meet with key individuals and/or grassroots teams to promote positive change and build leadership capacity
  • Maintain applicable records in agency database adhering to Nebraska Appleseed privacy safeguards
  • Share key information gathered from the community with internal stakeholders

What you Bring to the Position

The ideal candidate will have the following background or a combination of the following qualifications:

  • Individuals with direct experience with food insecurity or hunger issues are encouraged to apply
  • Must have an interest or experience in working with food insecurity issues, and populations experiencing food insecurity
  • Must be fluent in Spanish
  • Experience working with people from diverse backgrounds, personalities, and perspectives (immigrant, multicultural, rural/urban)
  • A strong relationship builder who has the ability to authentically connect with people with diverse personalities and skill levels
  • An active listener who is able to build consensus with diverse groups, and maintain integrity with Nebraska Appleseed standards and values
  • Strong interpersonal skills (to include effective listening, and the ability to contextualize messages of community members)
  • Strong verbal, written, nonverbal, and visual communication skills including facilitation & presentation skills
  • A self-starter with initiative who can manage multiple projects, next steps, and deadlines
  • A strategic thinker who always keeps the big picture in mind
  • A team player who is curious, creative, energetic, flexible, collaborative, and proactive
  • The ability to work evenings, weekends, and travel in and out of the state of Nebraska

View the job description and application instructions online here.