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Sustainability Staff Position w/Verdis Group

Verdis Group, LLC is seeking a qualified individual for a staff position. Ideal candidates will have a passion for and knowledge of sustainability, excellent communication (both verbal and written) skills, be adept at managing multiple responsibilities simultaneously, and have good project management and data analysis capabilities. The ideal candidate will have professional experience in a sustainability-related field and be ready to hit the ground running. While we are open to candidates of varying experience levels, our general preference is for a more senior level candidate (3-5+ years of experience). Verdis Group is an equal opportunity employer. We value diversity of thought, approach and perspective in our work and in our employees.   


The skills and abilities necessary to sufficiently perform the duties are varied and require the individual to be adept at many tasks. The position requires flexibility, attention to detail, and enthusiasm for the work. Generally speaking, the successful candidate will lead projects, effortlessly advise clients on how to be more sustainable, and effectively communicate with colleagues and clients.


The successful candidate will perform the following tasks:

  1. Sustainability Knowledge & Strategies: It is our job to consult organizations on how they can be more sustainable; having in-depth knowledge of the industry and the sustainability strategies organizations can and should pursue is imperative.
  2. Communication: Effectively communicating, in verbal, written, and in some cases visual/graphical form, is a major component of the job. The ideal candidate will be able to communicate in a clear, concise, and accessible manner.
  3. Project Management & Planning: Leading client-delivery efforts and managing projects, which require the ability to prepare and oversee the implementation of project plans, facilitate meetings, delegate to colleagues, effectively communicate with all involved, and prepare written deliverables.
  4. Data Analysis: Conducting a variety of different numerical and theoretical analyses. Collecting, managing, tracking, analyzing, and summarizing data are components of the job.
  5. Other duties as assigned: We’re a small business, which often requires an all-hands-on-deck approach. New responsibilities will pop up, and the ideal candidate will be able to handle many of them.


  1. Thorough and accurate in all duties and responsibilities. Attention to detail is a key component of the position.
  2. Ability to think critically, problem solve, and trouble-shoot issues.
  3. Excellent planning and organizational skills and an ability to prioritize and manage multiple duties and tasks simultaneously.
  4. Ability to collect, organize, input, and analyze data in an extremely accurate and efficient manner, and an ability to effectively communicate the information.
  5. Knowledge of sustainable best practices and climate resiliency as they pertain to businesses, organizations and communities.
  6. Skilled in using Microsoft Excel, Word, PowerPoint and Apple software. Experience using Asana, Toggl and Slack is beneficial. Proficiency with Adobe’s Creative Suite would be a nice bonus.
  7. Have we mentioned how important communication is?
  8. Skilled in demonstrating cooperation and professionalism.
  9. Ability to work well with minimal supervision in a team-oriented environment.
  10. Ability to effectively work and interact with various cultures and ethnicities.


Our current expectation is for this position to be full-time. Primary worksite could be in either our Omaha or Lincoln office.


View the full job description and application instructions here.