University of Nebraska Medical Center

WIC & Nutrition Epidemiologist

The Wisconsin Department of Health Services (DHS), Division of Public Health (DPH)is recruiting to fill a Women, Infants, and Children (WIC) & Nutrition Epidemiologist position within the Bureau of Community Health Promotion in Madison, Wisconsin.


Position Summary:

Duties of this position will include surveillance to monitor trends and the evaluation of effectiveness of prevention strategies; technical consultation; dissemination of findings to policy makers, program planners, and health professionals; coordination of statewide activities; grant monitoring; report writing; and attendance at local, state, and national level conferences. Specific surveillance and research responsibilities will include WIC risk factor data. The work requires close coordination with other units and sections with DHS, DPH Regional Offices, and local agencies. This position will provide technical assistance/consultation for statewide projects and to local agencies/grantees.


Minimally qualified candidates will have: 

  • Training or experience in public health epidemiology and program evaluation.
    · Experience using data collection techniques and computer database systems to collect, analyze, interpret, or disseminate data.
    ·  Experience developing tools, reports, visuals, or presentations to actively use data in program and policy implementation or evaluation.
    ·  Experience providing reports and presentations to diverse audiences (i.e., executive management and external partners at the state and national level).
    ·  Effective communication skills.

In addition, well-qualified candidates will also have: 

  • Experience using statistical software to collect, analyze, interpret, and/or disseminate data (e.g. MS Excel, SAS, STATA, ArcGIS, etc.).
    · Training or experience with quality improvement methods.


View the full job description online here.