University of Nebraska Medical Center

Program Assistant

Program Assistant
Reports to: President
The Program Assistant is responsible for learning what currently exists to address social injustices in the Omaha community and reviewing organizations and operations currently funded by a local family Foundation. Strategically, this role is critical to create written reports to inform the board of directors of status quo as well as opportunities inside non-profits to build power in underserved Omaha.

Develop relationships with grantees and donors
● Research all work in the non-profit community supported by the our family Foundation
● Increase trusting relationships within the community by being an ally and truth teller
● Develop relationships with other foundation staff and community leaders
● Manage a heavy calendar of site visits

Inform and Educate the board of directors
● Complete thorough written reviews of organizations (3-5 per week) These written
summaries of organizational operations should be professional analysis but with
personal perspective on leadership, community perception of the organization, vision
and execution.
● Weekly meetings with President and regular communication with staff
● Develop presentations for the Board members regarding the work of the foundation.

Monitor and Report on Diversity Equity and Inclusion opportunities
● Watch for and communicate opportunities to support staff in the social justice
community, so they can thrive and develop leadership skills.
● Engage and support foundation directors to identify ways to improve on DEI efforts
within programs and events

Compliance and technical assistance
● Ensure that all reporting is complete and done on time
● Make sure partner organizations understand expectations
● Assist in the evaluation of grant applications and prepare recommendations

Leadership team
● Attend professional development opportunities and share learnings with foundation
● Give input on strategic decisions and key questions for social justice change and
● Ensure that all organizational decisions are translated to and through the programs

Special Teams:
● Assist in the planning and implementation of special events (everyone helps)
● Other duties as required to support Foundation


The ideal candidate will be a good writer, enjoy thinking about solving problems and motivating others. This role is not meant to be a career, but rather a deep dive in knowledge gathering, exploration of power, and relationship building in the social justice sector. Requires the ability to travel around Omaha daily, as well as significant mobility to tour sites, and participate in some amount of physical activity.



● Excellent writing skills and verbal communication skills
● Ability to manage own schedule–self motivated and self directed
● Willingness to pitch in and be a team player
● Give and receive feedback positively
● Problem solver, able to ask for help when it is needed
● Access to personal means of transportation

Salary Range: $35,000-45,000 with health benefits at 6 months, and professional development

TO APPLY complete this application:


The Foundation encourages applications from all interested candidates regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, age, national origin, ethnic background, religion, gender identity, or ability.