University of Nebraska Medical Center

Medical Epidemiologist

UNMC College of Medicine is seeking a Medical Epidemiologist, primarily responsible for epidemiologic management and outbreak investigations of HAI/AR pathogens. This includes performing surveillance for CRE and developing AR organism surveillance programs and protocols, investigating and managing outbreaks of HAI/AR pathogens including CRECDI, resistant organisms, group A strep, scabies, surgical site infections, line infections, etc., and developing educational materials to be shared with relevant stakeholders (laboratory, local health department, infection preventionists, etc.). Investigations may require a range of activities from remote support to local health departments/infection preventionists to on-site investigations. 

Also responsible for providing data/informatics support specific to HAI/AR program area, especially the further development of the antibiotic susceptibility datamart and statewide antibiogram as well as support to HAI physician coordinator for grant writing, presentations and regular meetings.

Master’s degree required, PhD or MD preferred.

Preferred Experience: Knowledge of trends in risk factors, health/diseases related conditions and interventions for healthcare associated infections, SASEPI information software, and ESSENCE data analysis and visualization tools; epidemiological research practices and procedures for the collection, analysis, evaluation, and validation of health/disease data sets: descriptive statistics, statistical inference, and statistical theory; public health principles and health care delivery systems.

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